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Monday 1st September

I'm the one who asked About the open relationship. He barely talks to me anymore he doesn't seem interested in me anymore. Would bringing it up still matter or should I still do it so he knows that's why I can't talk to him anymore. He's using this "open relationship" to meet new girls without feeling guilt and still contacts me to keep me as backup. How do I assertively address to him that if we want to see other people we have to stop talking all together with no hard feelings. I wanna move on

Just tell him. Ring him up or however you usually talk to him and say you’ve changed your mind. You don’t want any kind of relationship anymore as you’d rather just have a clean break. I think if you just leave it short and snappy as it’s over it’d be better and assertive. And just make sure he knows you’re done with him and don’t want to just be some sort of back up for him. It’s time for a new start. And you’ll move on in no time, going off to college/uni is always such a distraction of new people it’s the best time to move on I think. x

Is it okay to like two guys at once? One is really sweet to me and the other doesn't really notice me but I can't help but like him. I don't know what to do about this.

It’s okay to like them, you can’t help liking people. It’s only bad if you start dating both or misleading them. You just have to see if anything happens. Make a move on one if you want or wait to see if they do. It’s up to you. x

Before me and my bf split for college he said how he pictures himself marrying me and he still wants to stay close but proposed the idea of an open relationship because he wants to be able to see other people. I agreed to it but now it's hurting because I can clearly see he's talking to a new girl and ignoring me. How do I get out of this with dignity

You just tell him you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to be in any kind of relationship anymore. You can stay in touch and potentially rekindle something afterwards if you’re both single in years to come but for now you need to split. An open relationship isn’t what you want because it’s not really real. A relationship is commitment in my eyes. You just need to take a break and maybe stay friends. Then see what the future holds. x

I'm 20, and I started talking to a youtuber who's had a huge impact on my life in the past. He's 26 and we've been flirting since we started talking through twitter, He's given me his number and such, but he has a girlfriend of 4+ yrs. From what I know he's never done this before. Most of his fans are guys or young girls because he does gaming videos, so that could be why. I'm kind of sad because his gf is cool, but I really like him, should I keep him as just a friend, or go with the flirting?

Be a friend. Stop with the flirting because you don’t want to be that girl. Think how you would feel if you were his girlfriend. You can be friends but stop the flirting definitely. And tell him to stop and respect his girlfriend too. x

hey, i've liked this guy for about five years now- i know, it sounds totally pathetic. Anyway he had started showing a bit of interest in me when suddenly today he asked out my best friend.. im just so fucking mad and upset and have no idea what to do. The school ball is coming up and as stupid as it sounds i actually thought he'd go with me, any suggestions to lighten my awful mood?

It sucks but you gotta just forget it. Find someone new or stick with hanging out with friends. Distract yourself from it and let yourself move on. Only time will really help so just try to relax and do other things and you’ll forget about it and move on and find someone new. x

My girlfriend in whom I wish to break up with keeps saying she will kill herself if I do. I know she is troubled as she used to slit her wrists before I started going out with her. I don't know what to do, any help?

The thing is you have to break up with her. You can’t give up your happiness because of her threats. It won’t make her any happier because you’ll both be stuck in a grumpy unhappy relationship. It’s better for both of you to move on. I think you need to talk to her, calmly and honestly. Maybe have quite a long chat and tell her how you feel and that you care but it’s unfair for both of you. She can find someone better who wants to be with her. Try not to argue or get angry but talk it through and be gentle with her. But she needs to understand it’s for the better and threats can’t stop you because you are also doing it for her. x

Saturday 30th August

How exactly do friends with benefits work? This guy I've been getting pretty close with doesn't want a serious relationship but he has asked if I wanted to be friends with benefits and I just want to make sure I'm comfortable with that idea before I give a solid yes

Well it’s what you decide between you. It’s usually a friendship with sexual activity and no feelings. It’s tough and you have to make sure you don’t think you’ll get feelings or you’ll get hurt. Basically the guy wants to have sex with you without having the commitment and responsibilities of having a relationship. Despite having done it myself I would advise against it. You have to be certain and I don’t feel like you are it you’re coming to me about it. x

Friday 29th August

okay, so i'm a girl who has identified as straight for a looong time. about a year ago (when i discovered tumblr) i went through this period of time where i thought i HAD to be at least bi and tried to force myself to like girls just so that people on tumblr wouldn't hate me (i now know that was kind of overreacting and a crappy way to handle things.) but the thing is, since doing that, i have feelings for girls. i have no idea if they're real or not though and it seriously worries me!

You need to just stop worrying and caring. It doesn’t really matter what gender the people you like are, you just like them as people. I think if you can relax a bit and stop worrying about labels you might be able to just be content. When you have relationships with people you will know whether you are fully attracted to them or not. It’ll feel right or wrong. And that can be with anyone. So just explore and experiment and don’t care about what gender they are, just see if you feel for them as people. x

met this guy on tinder he12 yrs older, med student. went on 1 date, was amazingggg had a lot of sex lol He also had a very good way with his words so thought he was genuinely interested. He then cancelled our next plans didnt hear from him in nearly a mnth then he messages me late night "hey long time no hear...How you been?" Im not looking for anythin serious but was still abit upset cos he left me hangin(good d does that)Not sure how I should be towards him now, or even if he worth my time

It’s up to you. You could just confront him and be like yeah long time because you never got back to me. Sucks to be you missing out on all this aha. Or you give him another chance. I’d personally call him out on it and then see how he reacts. If he can then persuade me to give another chance I probs would but I’d make him work for it a bit. x

I didn’t know I would have to tell a close friend that my crush is not an option for her to try and date. I don’t want some guy to come in between us but if she’s the one making the situation messy like this, is she really my friend? Or am I overreacting? I haven't seen her come on to him but she is trying really hard to be close friends with him. She even told me once that she felt he and her had more things in common than he and I and I'm not sure what she meant by that. I think she wants him.

you really have to just discuss it with her. It’s always hard but it’s on both of you. You need to think carefully about how much you care. If it truly does really upset you you have to tell her. And she has to decide how much she cares. She has to decide whether upsetting you is worth it. Basically you have to try to make an agreement between you. It’s obviously easier not to care but sometimes you can’t help it. But it’s also a pain if two people are really good together but can’t be together. So also take into account if she seems certain something is there. But both of you have to think and talk openly and honestly. x