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Monday 22nd September

Me and my ex gf broke up 9 months ago. We were together for 3 years, deeply in love and went through a lot together. It was a messy break up and we haven't spoken at all for 7 months. I miss her everyday, I still love her and it's made me miserable to the point of suicidal thoughts. Now she's met someone else too. Will I ever get over her? I feel like it's only possible to fall in love once. Everything after that just isn't the same

You can get over her, you need to just make a conscious effort to do so. Completely wipe her from your life by getting rid of any reminders or deleting her on social networks. Whenever you find yourself thinking of her purposely change your thoughts and force yourself to do or think of something else. It may seem silly or hard but after a while you’ll suddenly notice thoughts of her barely even come to mind anymore. x

I bought my friend a birthday present and when she found out what the present was she told me I ruined her birthday.

That’s really not your fault and she should be a little more appreciative. Try not to worry about it as you did nothing wrong. I’d even consider finding better friends. x

Sunday 21st September

Am i the only girl on planet earth who doesnt shave her legs? Cause i think i am...

I’m sure there are others, it’s just a pretty common thing to do. x

hes probs in his late 20's early 30's and im 17 so dont be all like "aww man u should bang him" cause that shit aint legal and he aint even hot. but my question is how do i respond to this? Part 2/2

I’ve only gotten this second part for some reason. I’m really sorry but I’m confused and can’t understand your question from just this part. Send it again if you still need advice. Sorry. x

HI, so I am very confused with my life right now. I have so many problems right now regarding self esteem and my social life. I wanted to ask you what would be better; writing down only positive stuff that happens everyday or the negative stuff (in your diary)? I haven't really tried writing positive stuff since writing down negatives can make me stay clam. What should I do?

I think being positive is always good and you should definitely give it a try simply because you haven’t tried it yet. Writing negative stuff hasn’t helped so try the other. You could maybe attempt to do both for a bit and then you can read back to positive book but ignore the negative. It’s nice to write down bad feelings to get them out but then you just want to throw them out. But the good stuff is nice to be reminded about. x

I hooked up with this guy 2 nights ago that I've has a mini crush on for almost 2 years at a bonfire (mostly in his friends truck) & I thought it was perf. Before the hu(fingering is the farthest we went), we just talked about life and talking to him felt so natural. We were tipsy but not drunk, and he was super into me and had the same life views as me. the next day his friend talked to my friend who was there that night & my crush said he regretted it & avoided any questions about it. (Pt1)

(Pt2) the guy isn’t a douchebag at all and is actually a really good guy. He doesn’t hu with a lot of girls and isn’t really a ladies man. Not to be conceited but I’m not ugly and I wasn’t being annoying that night me & him really clicked. Could I have freaked him out with the life talk? The only stuff we really talked aboUt was what we wanted to do when were older (own businesses, go to college, travel) so I’m just confused about why he would regret it.

A: Honestly I’m not too sure. I think it may be a case of a boy being a little confusing as boys can be. Maybe he was just shy about it around his friends, or maybe he doesn’t want to seem really interested even though he is. Boys can often act differently in front of friends for some unknown reason aha. I think maybe try to talk to him again sometime alone. You can ask him about what you’ve heard and what he thinks and that. Try not to be full on obviously and if he doesn’t seem interested in talking then leave it be and find someone new. x

Wednesday 17th September

So I really like this guy and I've been dating him for a few weeks and a few days ago he asked my to be his girlfriend and I said yes then the past few days he's been trying to get me to do things after I've said I wasn't ready &Today I yelled at him

Don’t do anything you aren’t ready for. If he keeps being a pain about it then he isn’t worth being with and you should just end it and find someone better. x

Tuesday 16th September

I'm very scared and confused and I'm not sure if this makes sense so I need help. Recently I've went off my birth control because I ran out of pills and normally when that happens I start my period but that didn't happen, I'm also experiencing tenderness in my girly parts and I'm extremely tired, someone brought up that I could be pregnant and I don't know if I should be concerned or if it doesn't add up? Please help me!

I’d say just take a test, ease your mind or find out properly. It’s really the only way to ever find out. The lack of a period is quite a big sign of pregnancy and the pill is not always effective if you forgot one or have been sick at all. I’d definitely suggest taking a test to find out. x

Tuesday 9th September

have you ever thought of getting help answering all your questions?

I have thought about it, but I’m not sure about it since I’d need to find someone who’s opinions I agree with, like I don’t want someone else giving out advice I don’t agree with or something. So I just concluded that this is an advice blog from me. I do occasionally put forward other advice blogs people can go to and I’ve considered adding a page with a list on which people can go to, I just havent had the time yet. x

My wife has become very involved in meditation and the Buddhist community in our city. Her spiritual life is very important to her. I don’t share this desire, this need for a spiritual community. Am I losing her?

You won’t lose her as long as you understand and accept her new beliefs and whatnot. You’ll only lose her if you shut her down and don’t accept this new her. x