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Thursday 24th July

my best friend invited me on vacation with her family this weekend to the beach and i really wanna go but im taking the spot of this lady at work who asked for the whole week off.. i could call out but then they'll be a little short handed and my grandmother is in town and wants me to go with her to this church thing on saturday.. but i really really want to go to the beach i dont know what the right thing to do would be

I can’t tell you. You decide what you do in your life. You decide to go with what you want or to do what you think is better for everyone else. You are allowed to be selfish and enjoy your life doing things you want sometimes. But it’s also nice to consider other people and do things to help them. But it’s your choice. x

Hey, I could use some advice So there's this guy I've met in class and it's been a week and a half, I have a crush on him but class is ending and I want to keep in touch with him. What should I do ? Would it be too weird if I ask him for his number?

It’s not weird at all it’s the only way to do it! And usually more flattering than weird. Just go for it. The worst is he says no and oh well you won’t see him again. May as well take the chance. :) x

So I got into a fight with my friend, we weren't talking and now she acts like nothing happen and asking why I haven't been talking to her,she's those type of people who says forget the past but I don't want to, should I bring it up to her again ? I don't want to ignore what happen but either be a drama queen

Depends if it bothers you a lot. My best friend used to pretend our arguments never happened but I let it be as I hate arguing and wouldn’t want to start it all over again. But if it’s bothering you then you should say something. x

The guy i like just told me he has feeling for me but he is leaving the country in a month and i don't know what to do, if i should start something out of it and then be so hurt when he leaves or to stay friends so it doesn't hurt as much?

This is up to you. You know what is going to happen so it’s what you want to do. You either make the most of the time you have then cry about it afterwards, but you will move on from it. Or you don’t bother and save yourself that heartbreak but also might regret it as you’re missing out on a possible great month of being with him. Weigh it up and see what you think and he needs to choose the same as well. x

Hi, so recently I've been really confused. I think I like boys but now I'm not sure. When I'm with my best girl friend I kind of start imagining what it would be like to date her, kiss her, touch her and all that. We could do some many things and our parent wouldn't mind because we are both girls and they wouldn't think anything about it (if they didn't find out) but I also fancy boys. It's just her, I'm constantly thinking about her. Do you have any advice? (It only happens with her.)

Don’t worry about it. Why should you? You can like whoever you want to like there’s no need to try to label yourself. And it’s up to you what you do. If you want to suggest it to her then do. If you’d rather keep the friendship and not risk it then don’t. And just like who you like, does it really matter if they are male or female. x

So i'm currently seeing a guy and we have said that we wont get with other people and he is pretty much my boyfriend. however i recently starting talking to this guy and we text every single night for hours and everytime i see him my heart goes so fast and i really want him. i dont know what this means? should i end my other relationship of 5 months for a guy who i havent actually met yet?

Probably. If you’re thinking about another guy in those ways you obviously don’t care that much for the guy you’re in a relationship with. If you truly love someone then you wouldn’t even contemplate leaving them for somebody else. x

Wednesday 23rd July

how to get over an ex? i don't have any feelings for him romantically, but i do physically if that makes sense. he has a girlfriend now and i have this thing with another guy but lately i can't stop thinking about my ex boyfriend :/

I think getting over anyone takes time and distractions. Don’t let yourself think of him or be reminded of him. When he enters your thoughts purposely think of something else. The other guy obviously isn’t going anywhere so maybe try to find one who does make you forget your ex. x

Monday 21st July

I don't know where I stand with someone I use to be really close to but they cheated on me and I said some nasty things and now they're blanking me and I don't know if it's because they are hurting or hating. Do I try and talk to them and if I do...what do I even say?

I’d say don’t. They cheated so they don’t deserve you apologising or anything. And you don’t want someone who cheats on you in your life. There’s no time for people like that when there are people out there who will make you happy and not hurt you. Don’t waste your time. x

Advice on being a high school freshman? Or at least the truth about it. I don't want to hear the basic things like "don't stress'" "get involved" thanks

Umm I’m not sure. I don’t really have any advice you just do it, deal with it and get through it. I would say you want to put yourself out there and make friends as really that’s the only good thing about school. And be yourself, don’t turn into someone you’re not to fit in as that’ll just be a pain pretending all the time. And study hard, there’s no point suffering through school to not get the grades in the end. x

Hi there, basically my parents got into a huge argument, one that has probably only happened once or twice before... Now they've stopped speaking to each other, and whilst my mother is making an effort to reconcile bless her, my dad just won't need and is intent on giving her the "silent treatment"... It's clear to me by their actions that things aren't getting better, and it breaks me heart as we have always been a happy family... What to do? :( help!

Unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do as it’s their relationship and their problem. Yes your stuck in the middle but you can’t really help. It greatly depends on the reason for the argument as to how easily it could be fixed. But I think just try not to think about it too much. Try to just keep your relationship with both of them good, spend time with each of them as normal. You could ask them or one of them about it and any questions or worries you might have, to maybe ease those worries a little. Hopefully they will fix things, sometimes it takes a while for people to cool down and think clearly about it. x