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Thursday 17th April

I don't have anything to do on Friday nights right now :( Any advice on what to do on Friday nights?

Aha I never have plans and Friday night is no different. You don’t need plans like going out though. Just make it you time and sit down with a drink or some junk food and watch movies or a TV show marathon. Or relax doing something you enjoy. Or just ask friends what they’re up to and try to organise some things to do with them. There is literally anything you can do on a Friday night aha. X

how can I forget about guys and just be happy being single?

Concentrate on yourself. Ignore guys and just work on yourself. Be healthy and love looking after your body. Dress for yourself to give yourself confidence and love the way you look. Find hobbies to take up your time or perfect some skills or study harder and get good grades. Basically just distract yourself from guys by working on yourself. Of course at times you will find lonely or get a crush but that’s perfectly fine. x

So my ex broke up with me after a year recently because I was too jealousy. I tried everything to try & get back with him but he told me we were never getting back together last week & I have not bothered him ever since. I really miss him. Do you think he actually means it? Should I just give up on him? I really love him. :(

You probably should leave him be and move on. He seems certain it’s over and you must have broken up for some reason. I think you’re just going to have to face that it’s over and move on. You will be able to move on, it’ll just take time. But you’ll be better off when you’ve found someone you’re even happier with. x

Wednesday 16th April

my boyfriend texts other girls flirting and I know cause I've seen the messages. since then he's told me he doesn't even talk to any other girl and he has all of my logins but won't even give me his fb password, we had a huge argument about this and he said he's never giving me his password, do you think he's still flirting with other girls and what should i do?

I wouldn’t be happy with that at all. I know my boyfriend doesn’t and he’s opening told me passwords and is actually contantly logged on facebook on my ipad even though we’re apart for 2 weeks now! I don’t look though because I do trust him and know he doesn’t talk to girls. I’m huge on being open and honest so I wouldn’t deal with it. He may have stopped sure but then he’d give you the password to prove it. You shouldn’t need it and just trust him but you know he’s done it before so it’s understandable. If I was you I’d probably argue with him about it. You can ask more and explain why but if he just straight up refuses then maybe the relationship isn’t right. You can’t trust him and he’s not open with you. You can find someone who is. x

What would be the result of a theoretical combination between a Spark and some Earth?

I would have no idea sorry aha! x

How can I tell if someone just likes me for my body or likes me for who I really am?

I’d say don’t give them the body and see if they stick around. Or if they actually listen to you and show interest in you or if they just always want sex or only talk about sex or your body. I think it’s fairly easy to tell if you really think about it and look. They’ll either be all about your body. Or be interested in you but still compliment your body. x

My girlfriend recently told me about something she and her ex-boyfriend did last year. What happened was that he kept asking her to have sex with her, but she denied. Eventually, she ended up agreeing, but luckily something stopped it. The next day, she told me, that he was really mad at her so she sucked his dick. Is there anything wrong with this?

I’m guessing this was all in her previous relationship and not that she had cheated on you a year ago? But obviously it’s not great for him to have forced her but also she didn’t have to do it. It’s up to her to agree to have sex and choose to suck his dick. Besides it’s the past so I don’t think it’s something you need to worry about. It’s her own kind of mistakes from her previous relationship and it’s all over now so she can just be happy with you. x

so me and my boyfriend broke up and then a week later my friend asked me out and i said yes because i do like her but now I'm thinking that i started a relationship too soon and that i still like my old boyfriend but she really likes me and i don't want to hurt her feelings and i still like her i just might like my ex more what should i do?

You should take a break from both really. You need to decide what you want. It’s mean to lead her on. Sure she’ll be upset by it but it’s better than letting her get even more attached. If you’re with someone and still think you want your ex, it’s basically not right and not working. You should have forgotton your ex and be fully into your new partner. So I think maybe you need some alone time to work out what you want, who you truly miss. x

Please help. Before hand, I am not a player or anything like that. Have had a couple steady girlfriends, and hooked up with a few girls, thats all. But my stress and question is: when I am in a relationship, I want to be single. When I am single, I want to be in a relationship. Help me!

Some people are just like this. But you really need to think deeply about why. What makes you want the relationship and what makes you want to be single. Some people want the intimacy and comfort of a relationship knowing that person is always there for you and you don’t get lonely. Some people feel trapped and want to go out and get with lots of girls. Decide what you want right now and stick to it. If you want to ‘be young’ and get with girls and be free or whatever then do that. Maybe you just have to find the right girl that doesn’t make you feel trapped and controlled but instead is just exactly what you want and you stop feeling like you want to be single again. Or maybe you’re just young and can’t settle yet. x

Okay, so I really like this guy. He is madly in love with another girl..what are some ways in which I can attempt to like him less?

Cut him from your life as much as you can. Like hide him from facebook and that. It seems harsh but really, not seeing him pop up all the time really lets you forget about him. Find distractions, like getting over anyone the more you can distract yourself the better it is. Find things to take up your time or other things to keep your mind occupied. Give it time. And maybe look for someone new to fantasise about aha. x