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Tuesday 22nd April

Ok so I love my friends but they are so immature around guys! I've always been comfortable around guys because I used to hang out with my older bros friends and I have lots of guy friends, but they can't even talk to a guy! I've tried asking them why they get so nervous (I mean guys are humans too) but nothing works, they all have crushes but here I am wanting to date and hook up with guys when they can't even have a normal conversation with on how do I get them to grow up? And stop being afraid

Give them time I guess. They just need to hang out with guys more and they’ll get used to it and in time they will grow up. You can force them into these situations so they get used to it or just wait. But you can ignore them really. You’re fine and can talk to guys so just show them how it’s done aha. X

Hello, I'm a 16 year old male and I have a question that I have wanted to ask for a long time. After I went to high school, I noticed that my crushes didn't last as long as they used to before. I'm very concerned because I really want to concentrate on a one certain girl. Has something happened with me or is it normal or simply a stage? I don't have a tumblr but I'd like to discuss it further. Is there a way to chat. I don't use social media but we could use apps like viber, no signup needed.

I don’t have any other way to discuss it sorry. But if you wish you can just send more messages like this. But I don’t think it’s a problem. Like sure it might feel annoying but a lot of people are like it. Sometimes it’s part of being young and wanting to experience more partners and getting bored quickly. Basically if the right girl comes along you will want to stay with her. It’s not a just a crush and you’ll stick by her. But until then they simply are kind of crushes and not overly important. I think you just need to wait till the right girl comes and you’ll be fine. Crushes are crushes and don’t stay forever. We go through phases when there might just not be anyone we like that much around. X

I've had a crush on a boy in my grade for quite a while. I realized I liked him in February, but I think I subconsciously liked him months before that. We've talked a couple of times, and we both spend a lot of time at the school library. I guess we could consider ourselves acquaintances. However, I discovered he's trying to get over an unknown girl and he's liked her for a year. Note that he wants to GET OVER her. What am I supposed to do or think? Please help me!!!!

No need to make a move. But I’d get to know him more. Try to spend more time and chat more and talk online or text or something. Basically build up the relationship more and get to know each other. Maybe flirt a little and just see where it goes. Best way to get over someone is to find someone new and you’re right there. Don’t want to rush into it but be there for when he is ready. x

hi! so theres this girl on my bfs fb & she is always flirting with him & he flirts back, she & I got in a disagreement on one of his posts & she called me a cunt, bitch, stupid said I was jealous of her & that I should be jealous of her because shes better looking then me, my bf says she later said sorry to him in a message but she has never apologized to me, my bf deleted her because we were fighting over it & then she blocked me & added him back, he says its fine, im really upset am I right 2b

Yes you are. But all you can do is talk to your boyfriend. She is harsh and hurt you. You just need to discuss it with him and tell him this. If he doesn’t understand how you’re hurt and don’t want her in your life at all then he’s not worth it. If deleting her and ignoring her is too hard for him in order to spare your feelings then he doesn’t care enough. Relationships are compromises. If my boyfriend ever wanted me to delete someone I would straight away. I care more about his feelings and him getting hurt than any guy I know. Try not to argue about it but discuss it calmly. If he just won’t then he’s immature and a dick and you can do better. Leave. x

Monday 21st April

Hey so i really like this guy and he invited me over to his place on tuesday and I'm normally really chill go with the flow but I'm so nervous like his moms gonna be there and his older brother and idk what to do. like i feel SO awkward but i want to go and ugh what should i do? how do i stop freaking out? thanks<3

Go! Relax and just go, it’ll be fine. Tell him beforehand if you want. I’d tell him you’re nervous about it and he’ll tell you it’s fine and then make extra effort to make you more comfortable. Talk to him about it as he should be able to make you feel more relaxed and tell you they’re fine and there is no need to be worried. x

Hello ! Might sound strange but can you give me a brief description of how you perceive the hands of someone and what you think about hands in general? I would thank you so so much! xx

Aha this is a bit strange! I don’t think too much about hands to be honest. I like painted fingernails on girls though, it’s pretty. And man hands are always sexy generally. I don’t know what more to say sorry. x

So there's this guy that I recently met that I like A LOT and basically we had sex. We clicked and decided we would see each other more often. It's been 4 days since I've heard from him. We were texting on Thursday (4/17) and out the blue he stopped texting me. Then I text'd him Sunday evening (4/20) and he hasn't responded. I don't know if he's ignoring me or what. But I didn't or at least I feel like I didn't do anything wrong for him to ignore me. What to do? Move on or wait for a text back?

Since it has been a while I would text him and actually ask. Say it’s been a few days since you sent the text so you were wondering if something happened or whether he’s just changed his mind. That final text is enough then. He’ll either reply and you’ll get what’s going on or you just leave it and move on. x

Hi, I don't really know why but every time I talk to a boy I always get kind of nervous and can't seem to find anything to talk about, what can I do??

You just have to treat them like anyone else. Boys are no different really. I find boys easier to talk to because they don’t judge as much as girls. They’ll just listen and chat about whatever. But it’s the same as anyone, you find things you have in common. Sometimes you won’t click with someone but other times you’ll click right away. Don’t treat them differently because they aren’t different. x

Any advice for public speaking when my voice shakes and I get all red? ? HELPP

Practise. I am exactly the same. I still do it a bit but my uni course makes us do it so often that I now don’t care. Like I’ve realised everyone is the same. Look closely and you’ll see the paper in their hands shake and them go a little red. Everyone is in the same position and hates it. But it kind of comes with time and practise. But there is no need to stress about it. I also found that breaks is good but I know you can’t always do that. x

There is this popular guy at school and he's really cute, and I've noticed he's been looking at me a lot. We've never talked. Whenever he does this and I get nervous and look away though. This has been happening for a few weeks, what do you think this means? He's also added me on fb

Say hi to him on facebook. You can just have some general conversation and see how it goes or you can tease him about him looking at you. Like say you noticed him. But he’s kind of made the move of adding you so I think you should just send a simple hey. And just see where it goes and if you can talk easily and if he seems interested and responsive. x